Memories of BUTLER to the STARS or “look who is talking”

Starting now to publish some funny experience with Hollywood and

head of states as I remember them…………

no offence taken, just funny stories !!!!!!


after 3 days of delay he finally arrived after midnight.

“So, you are Werner, people talking about you.

Do you know the Marlene Dietrich song from the

BLUE ANGEL movie?” Teach me the lyrics but in GERMAN.

Not easy to remember the lyrics that time of night, but who can

say NO to Marlon?

After about 3 hours in his Apartment he could sing it in German.

Marlon did the movie FRESHMAN, which he called later “MT LAST

STINKER”. \In that movie he had to stand at the end of skates.

A 320 pound man, need strong skates, especially when he never skated

before. The producer put him on a diet (veggie sticks) but Marlon

found a way around it.

After midnight (his favourite time) Werner had to bring him another

favourite. One half side of smoked SALMON and GERMAN pumpernickel bread.

As desert a medium salad bowl with fresh vanilla ice cream and squashed

straw berries ( had to be done with a fork no blender).

For 3 month the same rule every day, pardon night.

On my mentioning of his actor status he lectured me that everybody can act

and much better then he does. As he saw the question mark in my forehead he

explained to me: Werner when I call you after midnight and come come in with your

smile and that nice German accent – THATS ACTING. You probably think: I hope that fat guy is leaving soon – big laughter.

To his kids, which he loved dearly: I am not a good father, don’t know how to raise

them, never learned it. What I do is solving problems with money.

To his famous STUNT in SUPERMAN: I told them one day of shooting and

a Million dollar for it. Never dreamed they would do it – BUT THEY DID.

His past time was talking to some experts about sun energy for his island

TETIOROA. I must admit, he was one of the most generous man I have met.

The WRAP party for the movie: He had flown in a Latin dance band from BRAZIL

and the bar was equipped with whatever you can think of. The photo below is taken

shortly before we went to attend the party.

MARLON I hope you have found peace.

Marlons written note to me Superman

PRINCE Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

Came together with his wife for a function in Toronto.

They called me to help with something.

That something was a dress with lots of bottoms on the back.

The Prince could not help his wife, so Werner was on hand

with a little shaky hands. Hey it was my first Princess I helped

dressing, not trained as LADY in waiting loll.

When they left later she wrote me a nice letter. “Don’t be surprised

if I like to put you in a suitcase and take with me”. Someone like you

we really could use in Bremen.

HRH Prince of Prussia letters

Hannelore Kohl (wife of Helmut Kohl, Chancler of GERMANY)


In the hotel we had a so called chefs table for inviting guests for a private

dinner, done by the chef in the kitchen.

Mrs. Kohl would like to meet Peter Ustinov, So I arranged it that evening.

The dinner was a 5 course meal. The main course Rack of lamb was

served plated and covered with a silver dome for warm keeping.

Mr. Ustinov took the dome from his and Hannelores plate, put them on his

chest and loudly intoned BRUNHILDE (a very big breasted woman of Wagner’s

Nibelungen) just to the very amazement of Mrs. Kohl how laughed very hard.

I took a photo of Ustinov, wearing one dome on his head.

I met him again later at the house of my last employer and when I open the door

for him, he greeted me: Hallo alter Kamerad, wie geht es Dir (hello my old comrade

how are you).

Peter Ustinov and Hannelore Kohl Werner%20and%20Kohl_small


that time 9 years old

Their Majesties arrived together after all preparations were done.

The last person allowed in the Royal suite, after the bomb sniffing dog and his

handler left, was me.

I greeted the King and queen who stood up when I entered and the King pulled up

his son Hamzah on his hand to say hello to me.

Later the King called me. When I entered the royal suite again, he asked me for

a favour. My son is a normal 9 year old boy and of course he loves McDonald.

Would you so kind and take him to a McDonald?, he ask me.

I said Your Majesty, if you arrange the security I will be delighted to do so.

His answer was as follow:

Werner no security is in this case the best security. My son speaks fluent

English and could be your son. Just maybe you should chance from a Tuxedo

into a normal outfit.

We went to McDonalds and Hamzah was a bubbly 9 year old. We ordered

and he ask me: “Can be bring please a Sundae for my Dad?”

My answer unfortunately was: “ Your Dad eats that shit?”

Talking to a nine year old forgetting who he was.

On our return the happy boy gave his father the sundae with the words:”DAD,

I brought you something, but Werner said you should not eat it, its shit”?

I wished the floor would open under me and swallow me, but it did not.

“Your Majesty I am so terrible sorry” and the King answered me:

“No need for Werner, did I not told you, Hamzah is a normal 9 year old boy”?

Prince HAMZAH of Jordan King Hussein and Queen Noor with Premier of Ontario


Sophia had a photo shoot at the hotel by professionals.

That was a good reason for me to get my photo taken with her and

I ask. She happily agreed. Since the photos were taken in one empty

suite on my floor and on a bed it was quite rewarding at least to sit on a

bed with Sophia She came very close and during the shoots she

whispered in my ear: “Do not tell Carlo (ponti, her husband) about this.

He is still very jealous”!who lived with her

Everybody would understand that !!!!!!

Sophia Loren Sophia

sophia and her 2 sons

Timeless, beautiful SOPHIA LOREN

and sons. photo by Reuter


Many, many things happen during the stay of these actress, sometimes known as

as well.

Starting with her son Troy Hayden who lived with her and her retriever dog.

Troy had invited friends from the Russian Circus (in town that time) and they

did their Salto mortales around antique furniture. Not enough, they throw little

bottles from the mini bar down to the street. Took me awhile to convince the

police, that I will take better care of them.

In the bathroom we had a pipe broken. Even I am always fast, when I got to her

bathroom, the dress shoes came swimming towards me.

As preparation for her arrival, we had to empty a room beside her suite,

to put other gymnastic machines in there, which resulted in special wiring, due

to the power surge.

Jane had these very exciting body, but it came not from nowhere.

She ate during the day mostly, what I would call BIRD SEEDS. As a special treat

I made here one egg white omelette on Sundays.

Beside her exercise regimen, she biked twice a week 10 miles.

Nobody recognized her. She wore helmet and bike suit.

One day she came back with helmet in her hand and small bandages around her

forehead “What happen”, I ask?

“Some other biker run into me”, was her answer.

I could not hold on to ask her: “What did he say, when the helmet came off and he saw it was you”??

She looked at me, as only she could look: “WERNER THATS THE MOST STUPID


Until she felt better again she forced me to run with her and the dogs every morning around Queens Park (Government building in Toronto)


how cold I say NO?

Jane Fonda


Paul, Marcello Mastroianni, Gregory Peck

are in my memory as some of the last truly GENTLEMAN.

Paul was visiting his wife JOANNE WOODWARD who did some

stage appearance in Toronto.

He was accompanied by HARRY, his dog.

People like him can never go to hotel gyms etc..

Paul told me, I will not be impolite when people approach me,

on the other hand there is no workout possible.

The way out were the stairway. We lived on the 18th floor (secure).

One could go out into the stairwell but not into the 18th floor again.

So while Paul was running up and down the stairs, Harry and me had

fun on our own. Second time Paul came up again he stopped heavily breathing

and said: :”You can see what Harry is thinking, he is much smarter”, laughed

and continued his up and down run.

Paul Newman 5%20Joanne%20Woodward


Here is the next GENTLEMAN.

During filming he invited 4 co stars to a nearby Italian restaurant.

Starter as usual Risotto, together with some champagne it did not worked

to well for him and he did pass out. Hospital next. The doctor in charge called

me and was concerned what Mr. Mastroianni took on medication.

They expected heart attack. I brought 4 bottles with medication to the hospital.

At about 3 am Marcello called me and was very apologetic of what had happen to him. I promised to come over right away to pick him up.

In the car he told me: “Werner I have totally forgotten that I am not a young

soldier (Risotto was staple food) anymore. I AM A VETREAN NOW” !!!

In the morning I have made him 6 small strong mocha in one little server.

Together with that strong stuff he smoked one very small cigarillo.

That was his breakfast. He was very proud of his daughter (with Catherine

Deneuve) who was studying architecture in Paris. “Happy she choose no

acting Carrier” In Montreal he was receiving a life time award, but was to tired

to go there. He explained to me: “How can I disappoint all these very nice people?


Marcello Mastroianni


When I met Jim he was a starting out young comic, appearing in a comedy

show in Toronto’s theater district..

That time many comedian used video recorder to listen to their own sketches

and special the timing.

The hotel rented out video recorder for 10 $/day. Jim could not effort that.

I gave him my own recorder at no charge.

One day he saw our Sunday Brunch Buffet which was priced at 32$ but

it truly was opulent.

He was crazy about lobster tails. To surprise him I got 3 lobster tail

and brought it to his room. We continued that every time he was staying with


I think even at that early time it showed JIMS COMEDIC TALENT………….

Jim Carrey



“During filming of “3 men and a Baby” all my guests on my floor.

The Disney production gave me for all of them a nice basket

containing a baby in a bed, which I had to place very early

in front of their doors.

Every week we had a party in Ted Damson’s suite.

Who himself needed each time a water glass of Tequila to keep

him away from his shyness.

In his little kitchen I cooked mostly Turkey and ones a Goose.

The dining room table were loaded with all kind of delectable goodies

to enjoy. It would be to much to count on the names of all guests, mostly

fellow actresses/actors staying at the hotel. Truly HOLLYWOOD NORTH.

They attended ones a hockey game and was was driving them there and

picking them up. That night I was early and suddenly some back door flew open

they came running out, jumping into the car screaming “DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE.

Behind them probably 20 people hammering on the car roof and trying to open the

locked doors. We got away and I ask them: “What the hack has happen?”?


Those 4 guy’s were really something else and kept me on my toes day and night.

Buur and selleck Ted Danson

Tom Selleck 1 WERNER_and_Leonard_Nimoy




In my position as Butler I was living in a flat on the same floor with my guest.

I had 10 fully equipped suites for them. In Canada you can not get alcohol

after 1am and not before 12 noon.

Since I was living there, my flat was “private home”, meaning I could have guests

and “entertain” them. My fridge was always fully packed from beer to tequila.

It was well known and still a secret under them: :GO TO WERNER.

And so they did. I will not mention any names but you found in my flat rock stars,

delusion movie stars, some needed just to talk knowing that their secrets were safe

with me. In 2 TV talk shows I attended, none of this would be discussed. That was my

condition to appear. I was really 24 hours on call, sometimes slept in my suit depending on who was on my floor and what I could expect.

One highlight I remember well was beautiful SHARI BELAFONTE who came

often to my flat to smoke and talk. Boy had she stories to tell.

One time she came over in a nightgown and sitting on the floor smoking.

WONDERFUL really !

After more then 8 years you get burned out.

FAME? (oh give me a break) FORTUNE? NO

In this business full of jealousy, powerful agents and possessive Producers


funny serving pose George Christy Gregory Peck WeizAECKER Shari%20Belafonte

in my flat with SHARI BELAFONTE

and her dogs



Here is a funny LADY. Not to forget her TSITZU dog.

When Liza went to the set, mostly I got Liza the tsitzu and he

loved to sit in my flat on my desk, looking what I was doing.

Since I had never seen “The Wizard of OZ”, Liza got the movie and

we watched it together. Very remarkable the resemblance between

Liza and her mother Judy Garland. I have seen that only ones more, between


Liza the dog was a gift from FRANK SINATRA, who via phone told me to take good care of both or………. lol.

Liza’s well known “haircut” was another reason I wondered:

Why did she need 2 hairdresser daily for that very straight hair??

During her stay with us she had many visitors like BARISHNIKOV the

famous ballet-dancer comes to mind.

Liza’s generosity to others was astonishing fact about her.

Always treasure the time with LIZA MINNELLI.

Liza%20Minelli Isabella%20Rosselini


came with family KURT RUSSEL and their son

WYATT and daughter KATE.

When WYATT (5 that time) opened the door to their suite

I told him: You look like your father. His prompt answer was:

“I DO NOT”. we became good friends, during their stay, since WYATT

never wanted to go to the set “TOOOO BOOORING”.

What to do with a 5 years old? Give him a little white jacket, bring him

to pastry (bakery) in the hotel and let him do baking and making ice cream.


Kate had to do remote schooling with her school in Beverly Hills.

I was in charge to send her homework via fax to the school.

She tried often to bribe me. Look at her now, another beauty I have

seen grow up.

Goldie, Kurt and the kids were invited one evening to the chefs table in

the kitchen. When bubbly Goldie arrived in the usually tremendous loud and

sticky hotel kitchen ALL NOICE STOPPED very sudden.

You literally could hear a pin dropping.

Goldie whispered in my ear: “What happen Werner”?

I whispered back: “Look at your shirt”

She wore only one undershirt with no bra and the shirt was tight.

Goldie could not be Goldie what happen next.

She posed on the bench of the chefs table and loudly proclaimed

to all the cooks: “I am still very good boys, aren’t I”

The following screaming of the cooks were ear shuttering.

KATE’S birthday:

Kurt ordered something and Werner delivered.

All were sitting around the large dining rom table.

When I was close to Kurt he suddenly sprayed me with something

which looked like whipped cream. My face must have looked so

surprisingly dumb, that all broke out in laughter,came and hugged me

and removed from my tuxedo what I was thought to be whipped cream.

It was just plastic.

Goldie%20Hawn wyatt and Kate today

WYATT and KATE today


My friend who passed away. He was just tired.

He had a phenomenal memory of all movies stage plays, he had

ever done. Our daily evenings – with whiskey of course = were another

enjoyable perks which came with my job.

Trevor known for his drinking escapades told me that he discovered

Anton Karas a zither player and told Carol Reed (director of THIRD MAN )

about it. Trevor according to him, went to Grinzing (VIENNA wine garden)

and there heard for the first time, what became later the Movie theme of

the third man.

He complained bitterly about doing the movie “MUTINY of the BOUNTY”

which was shot mostly in BORA BORA/French Polynesia. I loved always

these beautiful island and mention it to Trevor who got upset:

You must be out of your mind Werner, he replied, there is not even ONE

English pub on that island. He disliked his co=star MARLON BRANDO:

“Always late, if he appeared at all, to busy with the Tahitian girls”

Brando married later and had 2 kids in Tahiti, CHEYENNE and TEIHOTU.

When he finished his movie in Toronto (his last one) we had to go to

a restaurant in the morning (Danish) for BREAKFAST. His flight back to

London was scheduled to leave later afternoon, same day.

It was around 10am and the restaurant was not open but I knew the

Maître;D and when he saw who I was bringing he certainly opened for us.

WE started with real Herring and Danish Beer. The MaitreD recommended

Aquavit with our meal. TREVOR: “What is that” he ask? “Water of life”

he translated. I must mention that the Aquavit bottle is frozen around ice

so they liquor is very cold. As well the shot glasses come frozen.

TREVOR sipped and shot. They MaitreD would take the bottle with him.

Unfortunately TREVORS arm was much faster:” That bottle stays”, he

commanded. And it was not the last one.

We missed TREVORS flight. I had to call Mrs. Howard in London to explain

but she was laughing:” Werner never mind, happens not for the first time,

just please take god care of TREVOR.”

A last memory of my friend: “TREVOR lived outside London in his farm house

and often mentioned his beloved Pub and Friends.

When I ask him once who would drive him home from the pub he

was surprised and so was I, when he answered:

“WERNER I have a MERCEDES and my car knows the way”

Be happy TREVOR, wherever you are. I will never forget you.




are the real stars, not only my opinion.

I had the pleasure and fun to meet most oft the cast

from “THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS” to mention special


name is Hans Joerg Gudegast), Doug Davidson, Jeanne COOPER,

THOM BIERDZ ( who had some time ago a personal tragic) Don

DIAMOND, who made that time lots of all age woman swoon.

These people were often in “my” hotel, mostly only for 2 days.

Signing appointments mostly in Shopping malls and TV appearances.

I will not go into details BUT it was often hellish fun.

After I left the hotel for my new job. Melody and her husband visited my

at me new job for a great evening.

When people later found out that she was in my apartment I got angry

notes from friends:”Why did you not call me, knowing I am a big fan”.

A few years back I re-visited ER|IC BRAEDEN at his nice house in

PACIFIC PALISADES/CAL. A friend of mine BRIAN TOCHI who was a

kid star in “THE KING and I” with YUL BRUYNER drove me there.

ERIC was surprise that BRIAN drove that time an BMW 850 and ERIC

had an BMW 750 WALTER MATHAU came by and ERIC ask, “Where

is your dog”. MATHAU replied: “ HE CROOKED on me Yesterday”.





Here is a face the CAMERA likes. Before TOM arrived his female assistant came

to check the Royal suite if it was suitable for TOM. I found that very impertinent

from a “Star” not even shining yet. Tom did “COCKTAIL” while waiting for

DUSTIN HOFFMAN to be available for “RAIN MAN”. He was married that time to

the much older English actress MIMI ROGERS. They stayed for 3 1\2 month and

entertained many guests. To TOMS friends I have to mention EMILIO ESTEVEZ

that time together with PAULA ABDUL who broke a bed adjacent to TOMS Suite,

which I had to replace in the late night. In TOMS bedroom I found often little notes

pinned to lampshades on both bedside tables. TOM did not count in my memory

as one of my favourite guests, maybe he was just to young and as often

dubious “success” and praise is going to the head of young people.

Before his departure he wanted to sign my guest book and told me: “You have done so

many incredible things for us I can not thank you enough and would like to

reward you”. With that he handed me cheque from 100 US $ !!!!!!, I still

have it as proof of the often mentioned generosity of TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER.



Is he the last of the “BIG ONES”. For my opinion HE IS!

Besides his charitable involvement he is a great HUMAN.

One condition he had to stay with us. No keys to his

apartment to security or someone else. Only me and

him hat a key to enter. I had to be present every day, when

housekeeping was cleaning.

Jerry arrived with his second wife SAM and ANGIE his “daughter”

a Tzitsu dog, in a Louis VITTON carrying cage., not to mention the

other amount of bags from the same kind.

It would put SAMY DAVIS jr. to shame. JERRY loved German food, but

could not eat it, because of his condition. JERRY had a few years back

a triple by pass operation done by the famous surgeon Dr. M. DeBakey.

Jerry was a heavy smoker and told me he lived for years mostly on cigarettes

and vanilla ice cream. “Every time I get the jibber for a cigarette, I will open

my shirt and look at the surgery zipper on my chest”, he explained.

Since that operation I celebrate 2 birthdays he laughed.

He was allowed a glass of red wine a day. When I went shopping with

JERRY it was always an ordeal. Sometimes he liked the attention he certainly got

and sometimes it terrible annoyed him. Same when you go out to Dinner with him.

His antic’s in restaurants are world class, unfortunately eating was almost impossible.

At is birthday, his wife gave him a Cell phone (That time this huge handheld

gadgets with a shoulder bag). I remember we were sitting on the chefs table when

SAM gave it to him. JERRY crawled under the table and try to call DEAN MARTIN.

It did not work. He said: “I wish that man would finally talk to me again”.

I think he had tears in his eyes. There was one incident when his wife left to visit her

mother. She took my promise not to give him any German food.

One hour after she left JERRY called me from the set. “WERNER, I have invited

some guests from the movie to my suite tonight. Please make Sauerkraut, real

potato Purée and German Kassler (smoke pork ribs) . On my promise I gave to his

wife, he wouldn’t hear about.

I prepared the REAL thing. What happen after and what he said after finishing dinner I can not repeat here but it was HILARIOUS.

Wishing you the best Jerry.

Jerry%20Lewis Jetty%20Lewis%20letter


Blast from the Past !!!!!!!!!!


Brad Told me that the movie was shot mostly in Argentine and on one evening of shooting he and his than girlfriend Gwyneth Platrow were seen

and mobbed by fans. The only way out was obviously a farm house. They run in and the family were al sitting and having dinner.

“you should have seen their faces, when we run in and out through the house screaming SORRY, SORRY, SORRY !!!!”

We were so fast I don’t really think these people knew what happen.


















Looking for a Ghostwriter for more interesting

insider look at FAME etc..





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